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This is the first deviation that I've wrote a critique on during my time here, so I'll try and make it the best I can - from a fellow artist's perspective that is.

In a previous critique for this piece, the member was puzzled about the artists use of clouds; whether you have watched the film directed by David Lynch or read the novels, you'll know that Paul Muah'Dib did in fact use his godlike powers to restore the habitat on Arrakis. However, if I remember correctly, Arrakis did eventually return to its desert habitat. To me, the clouds and cerulean colored sky do a good job of contrasting the harsh desert environment.

Another element which I felt really brings this piece home is the contrasting of technology (ornithopters) to that of previous inhabitants (destroyed ruins). Shai-Hulud has also been beautifully depicted in this piece, my only criticism of this is the way it was drawn. It could be that I'm only familiar with the sandworms depicted in the film, but I thought the scales Shai-Hulud should have been rounded out a little more. This is just my opinion and it doesn't really detract from what is going on in this image.

The God Emperor which you've depicted in the lower corner of this piece is really awesome too! I'm not certain if he is wearing some sort of desert suit or if this is just some other piece of armor, but it looks fantastic. The way you have modeled the rocky environment on which the God Emperor stands really blends nicely with the character as well as the surrounding environment.

Finally, perspective in this piece is on point. When examining the ornithopters and other inhabitants in the distance, it really shows just how large these sandworms can get - almost godlike in their own right.

Great piece overall! I've made this piece my laptop background until you create something just as great or better to replace it.
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ErikShoemaker Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the nice critique. I'm honored that you picked my work for your very first critique on dA!
You are certainly right about the worm's scales. In particular the method the fremen use to tame the worms probably wouldn't even work on these. I was just looking for something that would still be impressive seen from that distance. I think the entire worm could use some finetuning to make it fit the original concepts better - something to improve for the next piece maybe. :)
Thank you once again and I'm glad you like it!
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